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Radio Control German Tiger Tank
             Item No: TTIGER
             Length: 18"
             Width: 9"
             Height: 8"

   Price : $110.00

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Features :


This is 1:16 scale fully painted and assembled replica of the German Tiger I Battle Tank, featuring radio
control of all movement including independent turret rotation and gun elevation via a dedicated pistol-grip
style controller.

This Tank Actually Shoots!

This tank actually shoots 6mm plastic BBs from a fully automatic firing system using self-generated
compressed air.  These can hit a target up to 70ft with good accuracy. The tank can fire while on the move or
stationary and can hold up to 40 BBs in the turret. A box of pellets is included.

Fully Functional

The turret is able to turn just short of a complete circle (320 degrees). The barrel has a 20 degree tilt up and
down. Independent suspension and duel speed (via a boost button) allow it to overcome most terrains and
minor obstacles. Its rubber belt-type tracks can climb a 35 degree slope with ease.

Safety Features

For safety, two buttons need to be pressed together to shoot. A red warning light flashes when the tank is
about to shoot. The firing mechanism can be switch off by a separate switch hidden under the hatch. A red
rubber plug is also supplied for the cannon when run in non-firing mode.

Battle With Friends For Extra Fun!

Each transmitter has three selectable frequencies 27MHZ, 40MHZ & 49MHZ - Channel A, B, & C for
simultaneous battle play between three opponents. ABC frequency switch is on both the tank and the
transmitter to switch channels on the fly.


3-channel full function radio control
2 speed control system
Suspension system
Working head and tail lights
Can go in any direction
Dimensions: 18" L x 9" W x 8" H
Running time up to 60 minutes
Detailed exterior
Frequencies: 3 interchangeable frequencies
Transmitter requires 8 "AA" batteries (batteries not included)
1/16 Battery Operated R/C Battle Tank
Full Set Body Coated with Army Grey Paint
Max Firing Range of 25 meter
Equipped with Motor Airsoft Gun
320 degrees Turret Rotation
Main Cannon can be moved up and down
2-Level Forward Speed Control
Movements: Forward, Backward and Spin
Equipped with High Gripping Caterpillar
3 Frequencies 9 Band Changeable
Tank Fighting Possible - More than one tank can be run at the same time
Running Time as long as 60 minutes
Holds up to 40 BB bullets
Top Speed: 12-15mph
Package Contents

Battery Operated R/C Tank
Radio Transmitter
Rechargeable 7.2V Battery Pack (For Tank)
Home AC Charger
A Bag of 6mm Battle Bullets
Instruction Manual




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